Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jonas Gerard

Jonas Gerard

few years ago i saw abstract artist on Youtube and since then i was o in love with his work. Jonas Gerard is amazing.  I'll always be a fan of his amazing work.

I also think it's amazing when he start out his painting it look quite frankly terrible.. random colors here and there with no purpose.  It's crazy how it all comes together into one piece.  I've seen this video probably 100 times, and I love it so much.  He's amazing!

If I had house one day (and a bigger bank account) I'd buy one of his paintings.  How awesome would they look on a big wall in my drame house "yeas i have one in my mind".. I'm truly in love!  Now, I'll just let you see some of his painting or I'll keep rambling about my love affair with his art.  Oh, and one more thing!  He has site where you can buy some of his art (and yes for me only u can buy it)

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